Assignment #1


Hello, my name is Luis Rosas. I am a sophomore student who transferred from SUNY Oswego and took a long break from college just to realize how empty it feels not to be in school. So far, my experience of college was not the best, staying away from home and not being able to perform at my best were the reasons to drop out. However, I am back, and from what I read on the syllabus, I hope to learn from my mistake and share my experience with other people that might have trouble in finding purpose or at least to make them feel they are not alone. I hope to improve my writing skills and be more efficient to be able to share my opinions with others. I am more interested to learn more in how to perceive my world in a variety of ways that can help me to learn more about who I am. Especially, using art to describe how I see, since my ideas are just walking around in my head, but I have no idea how to express them. I wish to gain more creative or artistic skills to just create something to be proud of, using music, poems, images, art, videos, audio or anything that can portray my mind to the world. As you can see, I am not a native English speaker and I am aware that I am not fluent in writing, speaking or even reading this language, but is not going to stop me to keep learning, I already did the mistake to stop learning and I am not going to that again.