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The Bronx Blogs

It’s always fun to get news about a community from people within the actual community. There are many blogs that report about many different communities, but for this post, I will be focusing on a Bronx blog called “BoogieDowner.”


The most noticeable and important thing in my mind about this blog is the section called “Round’em Up” because it gathers news about the Bronx each day from different sources, so it’s easy to see some of the articles on the day all in one place.

As for the writing style on the blog itself, it’s enjoyable because, since it’s a blog, it has the leeway to be entertaining and casual. Like many other blogs, it links to other blogs that provide even more useful information about the Bronx.

They have an article on Pedro Espada Jr., who’s name they unfortunately misspell initially but magically spell it correctly later down in the post. It is interesting because it gives a first hand account about how indirect city officials and their workers can be.


Pedro Espada Jr. courtesy on NY1

Pedro Espada Jr. courtesy on NY1

To make a kind of long story short, BoogieDowner wanted to know some information about New York Senator Pedro Espada Jr.’s future district office and it took a little bit of work to find out it was going to be located at 400 E. Fordham Road. That simple information should not have been a hassle to get, but for some unknown reason, it was.

My critique about BoogieDowner is small, but I dislike the dull gray color scheme. I wish it was more colorful. Other than that, I think it provides good information and good links to find information about the Bronx.

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  1. #1 Lisa
    on Mar 22nd, 2009 at 2:58 am

    another thing about the boogie downer, is that I think the writer’s are all not originally from the Bronx. I believe they are part of this new wave of people from other boroughs that are moving to the Bronx because the rents and buying prices are cheaper (because of the stigma that the Bronx has, of course). I think it’s interesting that it took transplants from other boroughs to create a comprehensive Bronx blog.

  2. #2 mark.ny00
    on Sep 12th, 2009 at 12:00 pm

    Alan J Gerson stood with several leading environmental activists and welfare programs for children, senior citizens, WTC reforms, Cultural, Housing activities in his service till now.
    A short list of those can be found from here: http://www.gerson2009.com/main…..8;s=gerson
    To continue his efforts, do vote for him for Dist 1 council election 15th Sept 2009

  3. #3 tom
    on Sep 13th, 2009 at 11:41 am

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  5. #5 Warren
    on Sep 8th, 2010 at 9:55 am

    The Bronx has enriched the lives of countless individuals, both those who were actually born in the borough and others who arrived as children and were influenced during their formative years by the borough’s unique culture. Many of these people have gone on to greatness in various walks of life; politics, entertainment, business, and education just to name a few. The YouTube video “Bronx Heroes.m4v” gives you an overview of some people from the Bronx whose names have become household words–indeed legends in their own time.

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