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Richard Price

Creator of some of the most realistic characters in today’s non-fiction world, author Richard Price is himself a character worthy of one of his novels. From his matching yellow socks and plaid shirt, to his witty remarks, Price’s down-to-earth persona caught everyone’s attention at his book reading held in the Newman Conference Center at Baruch College.

He immediately approached the podium with a joke. “They told me to read for one minute and answer questions for 59,” he said. After breaking the ice, the author quickly delved into the introduction of his most recent novel, Lush Life. His passion for the novel was evident as his voice slightly changed to mimic those of his characters while he brought them to life.

The audience was shocked by the authenticity of the characters in Price’s novel. “You have to be really into the people you’re writing about,” says Price. “You can’t just look at it as a problem that needs to be tackled.” Price’s screenplays have a similar tone to his novels, including The Wire, a television series which seems to be popular among Baruch students, who referred to the show as brilliant.

Despite his several accomplishments, Price remains modest about his talent. “As long as I’m on the perimeter of plausibility, it’s all made up after that,” he says. Students look forward to hearing more from Price, who will be teaching at Baruch College as part of the Fall 2010 Sidney Harman Writer-in-Residence-program.

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    I searched Richard Price’s biography and I am very amazed with his accomplishments as a writer! Keep up!

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    I agree completely. Great content.

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