When I think of New York, I some how always think of Times Square. I hardly go outside but when I do, I go to Times Square. Especially, in the night time around 6pm or 7pm. It has such a different vibe. You feel like the life of different people all coming together in this exotic place. Some might think I am crazy by saying “what?” “Really, out of all places in New York you are going to pick Times Square to resemble New York.” Times Square is not the only great place in New York, but to me, its a inspiration. Out of all the places in New York,  I feel like when I come to Times Square, I think of opportunities, hope and joy.

Whats even weirder is that, every time I go to Times Square, I get lost. (laughs) Out of the midst of crowds, I rush through everyone and I find my way. Its always a new experience for me. I discover new things every time I stop by. When you are freezing in the cold weather, shivering in a 45 degrees environment sipping hot cold chocolate and walking with friends making jokes and laughing out really cold, so loud that people stare at you like your high off your drink. Its such a different feeling. Even though I live in New York and do not really spent time going out, Times Sqaure is a place that I will never take for granted because that is where my inspiration lies. I guess I love places that are full of life and joy in the night time and to me that is where Times Sqaure lies  🙂  What place does your New York lie?

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