September 11, 2023

Useless Kitchen combo Design

During our last class we were asked to combine two items from our kitchen and design a useless product, for me it was a difficult ask. I kept thinking of different objects; however, when I would combined them they could still be used; thus, they were not useless. I combined a cutting board with a potato peeler. Although, it looks like an odd tool to use, it can still be used as a cutting board even though it may not work out so well as a peeler, nonetheless, its still useful.

I learned that its easier to solve a problem than it is to create a problem. Most of the time when I have been asked to design or come up with ideas it is usually to make something useful and/or improve something that already exist. Therefore, doing the opposite was a bit of a challenge for me.


September 18, 2023

Tinker Cad – Name


September 25, 2023

Favorite Child Toy

Little Mommy interactive Doll

As a kid I enjoyed playing with dolls, dress them up with baby clothes and take the baby around the house with me. It kept me busy, as I was constantly changing the outfits and I would pretend that it was my real baby.

I drew out this version of my original doll in order to help me to think through how to break down the different pieces of the doll into objects that I could use on CAD to build my favorite child toy in the Tinker CAD software. Being that I had never used this platform before I wanted to make something that closely resembled my original drawing since I knew I would not be able to make it look exactly like my drawing.


October 2, 2023

Tinker CAD– Drawing of Favorite Childhood Toy Doll


October 9, 2023

Assignment #1


November 13, 2023

Chatbot Topic: Backpacking Through Europe


I asked the system to:

Create a one month itinerary for Backpacking through Europe

It initially only gave me an itinerary that was for only 15 days although I asked for an month long. I changed the Temperature to 1.26 from the original setting. Once I did that he started to add additional days, it basically continued from where it left off which I found kind of strange, I was expecting it to start from the beginning.

Once more it gave me additional information a bit more detailed; however, it still did not complete to an entire month. Therefore, I changed the Top P from 1 to 0.5, this actually made the bot complete it for me.


November 20, 2023

Assignment #3: Fine-Tuning Chatbot

December 4, 2023

Assignment #4: Business Model Canvas – Commercialization of Chatbot

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