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Furniture Bondage $30.00
Author: Melanie Bonajo
ISBN: 978-3-03747-018-3
Publisher: Kodoji Press ( HYPERLINK “http://www.kodoji.com” www.kodoji.com)

Looking through the shelf I see a book in the “last copy’s” section with a woman, from what it seems, carrying various furniture pieces on her body. She is completely nude, hair covering her face and pieces of furniture attached to her body. Seems very painful! The books is glue bound, the cover is a thick form of glossy paper, and in the inside are pictures of different women with the furniture pieces hanging from their bodies. The pictures are 8 ½” x 11” inches with a white border around them, maybe ½” inch. This white border is also in the covers of the book, both back and front. My one concern or I guess critique about this book is that it seems as if these women were put through a bunch of pain to actually take these shots, unless they were computerized, which doesn’t seem like it.

Famous Last Words $12.00
Author: Jim Johnson
Edition: 2008

What first attracted me to this book was the title of the book; I thought there would be quotes from famous or very important people from the past. The book looks very plain so it doesn’t seem like it would have anything interesting inside. When I open to the first page it appears to be a bunch of letters that don’t make any sense. I’m trying to make a mold out of this and figure out what it all means. When I’m about to give up I take a look at the back cover and realize it’s the same as the front covers title but instead it’s written backwards and reads bottom up. This I thought was very cool and I started reading through the pages. I thought it was very interesting. This book is glue bound, the outside cover is a glossy thick paper, and in the inside its regular thin white paper.

Future Histories $10.00
Author: Alex Decarli
Published: 2009
Publisher: What Nothing Press [Brooklyn, NY]
( HYPERLINK “http://www.whatnothinpress.com” www.whatnothinpress.com)

The only reason why I picked this book was because of the pretty cover paper. It is a light green textured paper, as if an ancient tile with cracks. Its sowed is this zigzag form that is aesthetically pleasing. When I opened the book I began to wonder what the pictures were because it looked like these weird shaped pieces of rocks. One page it would be one shape and say “History” and the top and the other page said “Future” and had a different shape. Then I turned to the last page and it had a description of all the pages as “Land Mass Constellation # __”, each with a different number. I just really liked the paper texture it was very pretty, soothing, calm.

Flower Bond $30.00
Author: Gil Gomez
Publisher: Elk Books
Distributed: Beijing, Los Angeles, New York ( HYPERLINK “http://www.elkzine.com” www.elkzine.com)
Published: 2009

I thought the image in the cover was sort of disruptive but at the same time comforting. It was a woman with hair that’s in the shape of flames; it’s this soft pint that somehow emits this strong vibe. You can sort of tell she has a soft loving face but there’s a skull overlaying it so you cant really tell. She’s holding a perfume up to her neck; her hands are very angelic like, they look very tender. This picture to me resembles love and hate. It resembles an angel trapped in a rebel’s body. I really like this picture because there are so many ways it can be interpreted. When I open to the first page there’s a drawing, looks as if a kid drew it, with a guy whose shirt said “Eat Shit and Live!” I look to my left and there’s a short synopsis explaining the story of the author whom no one really knew. No one knows what he looks like or who he was. They only know about him through this book and it’s because the book was found in some abandoned building in Los Angeles. The book consists of a bunch of pictures that can in some ways be interpreted to mean different things; nonetheless, at first glance looks like nonsense. There’s a picture in the last page (49) that says self portrait and it’s a robotic dinosaur with really sharp teeth that looks very angry. If it were cheaper I would’ve bought to actually take the time to look through the pictures and see what they may symbolize. This was stapled, the cover was thick and the pages were regular thin white pages.

Soft Collars $17.00
Author: Mr. Smith

This book is approximately 4 ½” x 18” inches, reading horizontally. The book spells out the poem “ring, a ring, o’ roses, a pocket, full, of posies, a ti-shoo, a ti-shoo, we all, fall, down.” Every page is split with words, the way it’s separated with commas above. The inside pages are off white semi-gloss papers with different colored collars on each page. The cover is a thin glossy paper and the back cover is cardboard paper. The book is stapled on the side which is covered by this black tape material. The last page has wording that show proper ways to care for collars and how to wear and fold them properly.

God Damn the Sun (A 100 Drawings from Napoleon at the Party) $30.00
Author: Jasper Sebastian Stürup
© 2007 Jasper Sebastian Stürup Fluen Forlas
Edition: 1000
Printed by: Sangill Grafisk (Denmark)
EAN: 978-87-990635-6-7

What I really liked from this book was the pictures inside. They’re all traces without faces and unfinished but they’re very intriguing and artistic. The pages inside are different colors, but mostly white, black, and red. They are soft matte pages, but very thick. The book is glue bound and it’s composed of small booklets glued together. The cover of the book is thick.