When I first read of this homework I was a bit skeptical of how much I would actually enjoy. When I first walked in I thought, “yup I was right, this will be boring…” but then when I started looking through the pieces I got more and more interested and ended up spending 1.5 hours there, mind you there were only 15 books.

My favorite book is titled SECRETS by Kelley Hensing. I was first attracted to it the pictures on the wall (bigger versions of the pictures inside the book). I thought it would have to do with a deep, dark, and scary story but it actually ended up being a nice story about a young girl who has inner fears and decides that she needs to face them. My favorite quote from the book was “…learned to live in the moment…” The book cover is made with this thick old wrinkled paper and there’s a red/orange/dark brown eagle thats molded and stands out from the book. The inside pages looked like the edges are burnt and as if it were from ancient times. The colors in the pictures are amazing, and if I’m not mistaken they are all painting not printed. The front and back pages of the book are attached to the covers through some shiny paper and the inside is stitched sown.

There was also a book that had a video that told a really nice story about love, and how people do what ever it takes and risk so much in order to find that one person whom they love! It was actually really nice and the music was awesome!!

I wrote a quote that I really liked from one of the books. The purpose of the book was to re-quote other quotes that are commonly said. Some of the quotes were:
Re-Quote:It’s not he who has little, but he who wants more who is poor.”
Humble BeautyGood nature will always supply the absence of beauty.”

Overall I actually was very impressed and thought it was really cool.
The pictures posted below are various books in the show. They may look a bit strange or far because I wasn’t supposed to take pictures but I did it any way. 🙂