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The essay ” What is Intelligence, Anyway?” is a very interesting essay. Asimov questions the ideas of intelligence from his own experience. He firsts talks about how even though he scored much higher then all the army recruits, he was still the same rank as them. He then talks about how even though he is much smarter than then his mechanic, the mechanic knows more about fixing cars than Asimov does, and Asimov relies on him to fix his car. Then, his mechanic said something that made Asimov question intelligence. He said a riddle to Asimov knowing he would not be able to solve “Because you’re so goddamned educated, doc, I knew you couldn’t be very smart.”. I believe intelligence is the ability to absorb and understand knowledge while also being able to project it. This compares to Asimov’s definition of intelligence because he believes intelligence is knowledge of many different subjects. I have interests and strengths in various areas. I have a big interest in most sports, both playing and watching. This would also be my strength because sports is the thing I know most. I also like to travel and see new places around the world. I like to learn about different cultures and the history of a city or country. I don’t really have a specific talent or thing that I excel in.

My top results on the intelligence survey were very interesting. Number 1 is intrapersonal which is strong mental intelligence. Next is bodily/ kinesthetic which is intelligence in more of a hands on field. Last is visual/ spatial which is where you can create mental images in your head and make them real. I believe these results are accurate because I am more of a hands on learner but I also go through many scenarios in my head to solve problems. These results relate to my strengths and interests because, when playing sports, you use your body to compete but also, your mental state needs to be fit otherwise you won’t succeed. Many sports are mostly mental, if you make a mistake, you have to forget about it and move on, don’t get discouraged.

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  1. I like the way you incorporated your strengths in relation to sports. I also agree that sports require mental toughness and it’s psychological since there’s a lot of pressure and you have to keep moving and making adjustments to your mistakes.

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