Narrative of Metacognition Instructions

Asimrov essay was essentially about an academically smart person discussing his view about intelligence. The writer realizes the broad aspect of intelligence and it isn’t only about academics. Basically, he got a reality check and his ego was humbled by a car mechanic. In my opinion, intelligence means to be able to adapt and understand the usage of knowledge learned. I agree with Asmirov’s definition of intelligence because he believes his intelligence is what society believes is the definition of the word. Moving on, I believe my strengths are being able to listen and help other people. I try my best to understand others and give them support in anyway. I am interested in tech and reading comics. 

According to the survey results, my top intelligence types are intrapersonal, logical and verbal/linguistic. In short, intrapersonal type is being able to distinguish my feelings and use my sense of mental model to make decisions about my life. Logical/mathematical type is a being able to use and understand numbers. Verbal/linguistic is the competence of using words/language to make sense of the world. As well as being adept in speaking or writing. I feel that the results are mostly accurate because it correlates with my strengths or good qualities about myself. The intrapersonal and verbal type relates to my strengths or talents because I have a good evaluation of feelings and words.

2 thoughts on “Narrative of Metacognition Instructions

  1. I agree with your opinion on what intelligence means to you. The meaning of intelligence may not seem complicated but once you really take the time to think about such a broad words can be difficult to find the true meaning.I also got logical/mathematical but it’s such a great advantage to have especially when you need those skills to make everyday and long term decisions.

  2. I think your first few sentences were very funny in the way you poke at Asiromiv being a smarty and getting a reality check. I also had logical/mathematical as one of my top intelligences. I think it is very cool to also have the intrapersonal intelligence and using words to make sense of the world.

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