7 Day Code Switch Log


I code-switched walking into Baruch college. I forgot my student ID card that day and made sure to ask the college security police respectfully by talking slower with a more sincere tone portraying honesty and innocence to forgetting my card an they helped me manually input the ID to get into school.


I code-switched in my Ecology lecture when I went to ask the professor a question regarding a homework. I walked up with a more sincere face and talked quietly to show that my message was important in hoping the professor would be able to help me out.


I code-swtiched when I went to a Jewish class that evening with some of my friends. Since I was surrounded by Rabbis, I sat more upright and tried not to fidget as much to portray my interest in the topic and the class as a whole.


I code-switched when I went to visit friends at another college. While there I had to keep showing my visitors pass to the secuity guard when walking by. It go to a point where we were just talking and joking with each other each time me and my friend passed by. I code-switched by switching to a more jokeful tone when talking while exerting a sense of responsibility in the jokes with the security guard.


I was doing a group project with new people in another class when I code-switched. Since they were new to me and I wasn’t as comfortable being fully me around them, I made sure to use a very professional tone talking and texting trying to accomplish the task at hand since it was due in three days.


I was at lunch by my cousins as part of my observance of Rosh Hashanah when I code-switched. Since I was surrounded by family, I wanted to seem as mature as possible and I portrayed that by suddenly using a deeper and more raspy voice when talking with my aunts and uncles without noticing it until now.


While at synagogue for the Jewish holiday of Rosh Hashanah, I code-switched when I walked up to an older rabbi to shake his hand to wish him a happy holiday. I specifically made sure to pronounce each word more clearly to be seen and heard more professionally and seem more sincere. I also made sure to give a warm smile as I did so to show that same sincerity.

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