My Code Switch Abilities.

September 13, 2023

CVS pharmacy, 6:38 PM

I am a retail worker and I was feeling tired than usual this specific day. I was pretty much minding my own business. Until certain individual which I’ll address as Karen for story telling purposes. She seemed angry and was screaming at another costumer (I believe the reason was because the subject in question didn’t seem to understand the English language). I obviously stepped in and let Karen know that the other costumer didn’t understand her. I (for trying to keep the job purposes). didn’t say what I truly wanted to say I was angry because I couldn’t comprehend Karen’s behavior. I switched my language and told the other costumer that everything was alright.

P.S the specific words were (todo esta bien mi pana no se preocupe por la loquita).

September 14, 2023

Queens College, 5:13 PM

I went to Queens College to visit my best friend mainly because he owed me $3,65 and I wasn’t going to let that slide. We were walking to buy some Lego boxes because he likes to build some sets. When we were walking down the street he tripped and fell. Obviously if this was any other person I would have helped them with a straight face. However, he was my friend so I burst into laughing.

P.S he still angry about it.

September 15, 2023

House (I’m not going to leak my location), 12:20 PM

I was celebrating my birthday with my family and some friends. I was talking to my friends and cousins in a very informal way (yes I was using y’all). But out of nowhere my grandma came and hugged me and gave me a 20 dollars bill and wished me a happy birthday. I cried as all man do when they hug their Grandma and told her that I love her. My friends and cousin stared at me. I would never cry in front of my friends. However, this time it was okay.

P.S te quiero abuelita.

September 16, 2023

House, 4:10 PM

I just had wake up from one of the craziest parties in my whole life (my Uncle Miguel’s party was crazier). So I went to play some games in my pc. When suddenly my phone started ringing I got annoyed because I was playing something online so I couldn’t pause it. I didn’t read the name of the person that was calling me and assumed It was my mom because I hadn’t see her for the whole day so I just answered as I would normally “que pasa ma”. I was frozen in place when “she” answered “Where are you. You were supposed to be here at 4:00 PM” It was (sadly) my boss. I code switched and instantly apologized for calling him “ma” and told him I’ll be late.

P.S he got angry at me because I arrived 25 min late 🙂

September 17, 2023

Card shop, 6:36 PM

I believe I haven’t say it yet but I collect all kind of cards. I was in my usual card shop because I wanted to buy the newest Pokémon booster box. When I was doing the line. Someone just asked me “can I see your binder?”. Obviously when someone asks you that they want to do some trading so I said yes to be polite. when we exchanged binders I noticed a really cool card and It was the one I was looking for. So I asked him how much does he want for it. He said “Give me 50 bucks” so I code switched to my negotiator side and started bargain. Long story short I got it for 35 dollars.

P.S the price of the card dropped.

September 18, 2023

The Ice Cream Incident, 7:24 PM

I was eating Ice cream ( A chocolate ice cream to be specific). When a dog all of a sudden decided to bark at me. I dropped the Ice cream. I was ready to start the ww3 but I realized the dog owner didn’t even realize what his dog did. He was far and I was surrounded by people so I didn’t make a scene out of it.

P.S what the dog doing?

September 19, 2023

Teriyaki One, 6:29 PM

I went to eat some sushi and was in the line. I was talking to my Ecuadorian friend thru my phone. However, I didn’t realize that It was my turn to order. So I rushed to speak to the lady but since I was talking to my friend thru the phone I mixed the languages and spoke Spanish to her. She told me in the kindliest way possible that she didn’t Spanish. I’ll say this was a failed attempt to code switch since I couldn’t hold both conversations.

P.S there is no P.S for today.

2 thoughts on “My Code Switch Abilities.

  1. Code-switching is beneficial and feels good when it helps somebody. I also try to help people in public places who speak English poorly. I remember giving this one lady directions at the subway station, and she gave me the most sincere smile.

  2. Reading these instances of your code-switching was fun. You were lucky the “Karen” didn’t understand Spanish because it would’ve been nasty.

    Overall, it’s fascinating how we’re code-switching constantly, even if it’s the most simple task.

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