Analyzing 10 Things I hate about you

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On the first day of high school Cameron meets Bianca and seems to fall in love with this sophomore girl. On the other hand, Joey Donner, a senior also feels attracted to her, but in a sexual way, so he bets with his friends that he can sleep with her. Although Bianca seems to be interested in him, her dad, a gynecologist, wouldn’t allow her or her sister to date anyone because he is afraid that they may get pregnant. Bianca has an older sister, Kat. They don’t get along that well because they have completely opposite personalities. Kat keeps to herself while Bianca is more social.

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As a strategy to spend more time with Bianca, Cameron offers to be her French tutor. Bianca accepts and quickly realizes Cameron’s true intentions. She decides to use him for her own benefit. So she asks him to find a boy to ask her sister out since that would be the only way her dad would let Bianca go out on a date with a boy too. Cameron accepts and uses Joey to pay Patrick to ask Kat out. Patrick fulfills his part of the deal but Kat doesn’t accept to go out with him since she has no interest on going out with anyone.

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The immense differences in Bianca’s and Kat’s personalities are no coincidence. The abandonment of their mother impacted them so much that each one adopted a different defense mechanism. Kat used to be outgoing, popular and really fun but after this event she chose to stop allowing people into her life and distanced herself from everyone in order to avoid suffering from their actions. On the other hand, the abandonment of her mother made Bianca feel rejected in some way. In consequence she always tried her best to be accepted by others. All her actions were based on the acceptance of those around her as a way of reassuring herself that she was enough and loved.

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Patrick finds Kat at a bar and starts talking to her. The two seem to enjoy each other’s company, so Patrick tries to ask her out again, to which she doesn’t respond. Later, Kat finds out that her little sister Bianca really wants to go to a party but her dad wouldn’t let Bianca go if she didn’t go. So she decides to go to the party because of her sister but also because she wanted to be with Patrick. During the party Cameron realizes that Bianca never had any intentions of going out with him, and that she only used him so she could date Joey. But at the same time, as Bianca spent more time with Joey, she realized how self-centered and selfish he was. Later that night Cameron drove Bianca back home but once there, he confronted her for using him and told her how selfish she also was, to which Bianca responded with a kiss because she realized that Cameron truly cared about her and what a good boy he was. This helped Bianca realize how wrong her actions were. On the other hand, Kat and Patrick were falling in love with each other. Since the dance was coming up Joey offered Patrick more money to invite Kat, so that he could go with Bianca. Patrick rejected his offer at first because he was really falling in love with Kat, but eventually accepted the money. Bianca decided to go to the Dance with Cameron, which made Joey really angry and led him to confront Patrick in front of Kat letting her know the truth.

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Will Kat forgive Patrick? Is this event going to make her isolate more from others? What is Patrick going to do to obtain Kat’s forgiveness? Days later Kat reads a poem in front of her entire English class and Patrick describing how much his actions affected her, but also how the love she felt for him wouldn’t allow her to hate him. Patrick gifts her with a guitar as a way to apologize for what he had done and also to show her that he always listened to her. Overall this movie reflects that people can respond differently to the same painful experiences in life and how important the balance between reasoning and love is when choosing the right partner.

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