Analyzing Suits

Harvey Specter is a top-notch lawyer working at Pearson Hardman, a prestigious law firm in New York. He is known for his exceptional skills and desire for success. In the pilot episode, Harvey is tasked with hiring a new associate, and he instructs his secretary, Donna Paulson, to schedule interviews with candidates from Harvard Law School. Harvey is adamant about hiring someone from Harvard because of the firm’s tradition and reputation.

However, Mike Ross, a college dropout with a photographic memory and an exceptional understanding of the law, inadvertently ends up in the interview room. Mike wasn’t there to be interviewed but was hiding from the police after a botched drug deal. Despite not having a Harvard degree, Harvey is impressed by Mike’s intelligence and knowledge of the law. Harvey decides to hire Mike as his associate, and together, they form an unconventional but highly successful team. Throughout the series, Harvey and Mike work on numerous high-stakes legal cases, and Mike becomes an integral part of the firm. However, the fact that Mike didn’t attend law school or have a valid law degree becomes a central point of tension and secrecy in the storyline.

Jessica Pearson, the managing partner of the firm and Harvey’s boss, discovers Mike’s secret but decides to cover it up to protect both Harvey and the firm. This decision sets the stage for various plot twists and challenges as they navigate the legal world while trying to keep Mike’s lack of a legitimate law degree hidden. The dynamic between Harvey, Mike, and Jessica forms a crucial aspect of the show’s narrative throughout its run.

Hence, the TV show “Suits” explores the tension between traditional expectations and individual merit as Harvey Specter, driven by the desire for excellence, hires Mike Ross based on his exceptional abilities rather than a prestigious educational background. The narrative underscores the significance of unconventional talents in a high-stakes legal environment, challenging the established norms of hiring practices. Mike’s lack of a Harvard degree becomes a central point of secrecy, highlighting the complexities and ethical dilemmas within the legal profession. Jessica Pearson’s decision to cover up Mike’s secret exemplifies the loyalty and unity within the firm, showcasing the theme of collaboration amidst personal and professional challenges. The series intricately weaves together themes of ambition, loyalty, and the pursuit of success within the competitive world of corporate law.

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