What Thanksgiving Means to Me

Thanksgiving is a holiday about giving thanks being with your family, eating Thanksgiving delicacies, and adding your own spice to it. I think the article highlights some of the stresses and problems with the holiday. The family that ends up cooking the Thanksgiving feast can be stressed preparing such a great amount of food for the extended family which I see firsthand every year. I agree with many families celebrating the holiday adding some of their own culture to it which makes it even more interesting and a holiday that most people can love and be part of.

To me Thanksgiving is the most patriotic and loving day of the year besides July 4th. It’s a day based on giving thanks to what you’re thankful for and transcends American values. You can be thankful for friends, family, religion, money, or anything all in the name of a national holiday. Thanksgiving means visiting those cousins you don’t see too often, watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, and having those anticipated political discussions with the whole family. It’s a day no matter our differences we are thankful and happy to be together to enjoy the company and have a Thanksgiving feast full of Turkey and gravy. The only differences on this day are your favorite sports teams when we get to see three NFL games during the day which has become a Thanksgiving tradition around the country,

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  1. I like how you emphasized that Thanksgiving doesn’t account for our differences and that it’s a day where we should be happy for what we have.

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