Tinker Bell is a Disney animated film featuring the journey of the famous fairy from Peter Pan and her adventures. The film starts off with the birth of a fairy. It starts in London, then the laughter of a baby which blows a dandelion off into the wind, traveling all the way to Neverland. the dandelion finds its way to Pixie Hollow, and with a dash of pixie dust the dandelion blooms into a fairy. In this case this particular fairy was Tinker bell. In Pixie Hollow every fairy has its own specialty, wether it be water, light, wind, animals, gardening, etc. Every fairy has its own unique calling to a talent. In Tinker Bell’s case her calling was being a tinker, meaning inventing new things fixing broken objects.

Tinker Bell’s journey with her newfound talent was difficult. Not many fairies had the same attributes as her and she started to feel left out and like the other talents were more important than hers. To try to fit in she asked numerous friends if maybe she could try their talents for the day. Which ultimately takes a turn for the worse, she made many mistakes and lost the trust of her friends and the others around her. To gain trust back, she started to focus on what she was good at, inventing things. To fix her mistakes she made numerous inventions for the benefit of everyone else. Tinker Bell finally started to appreciate her talents and realize that she was an important fairy to.

Concerning the real world Tinker Bell helps others understand that it is okay to be different and you are just as important as everyone else. Everyone has their role/talents and nobody is better than the other.


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