Code switching throughout the week

09/11/2023- I had to go to work after school I work in an MRI office and noticed that I was speaking to my coworkers with more of a casual tone and we were able to joke around. When a patient came in I heard myself speaking more professionally and was watching what I was saying in front of them. 

09/12/2023- I was babysitting my nephew and realized I was speaking to him differently than my other relatives. He’s younger than me so I had to chose the language I was speaking in especially because he tends to copy me a lot. 

09/13/2023- After work I went out with my family and noticed how I was casually switching between Russian and English especially to translate what my parents weren’t able to say in English. 

09/14/2023- I went to out after school and noticed I kept more to myself because I didn’t know anyone around me and only started to talk and be myself when I encountered the people I knew because I don’t like talking to people I’m unfamiliar with if I can avoid it. 

09/15/2023- I had to go to work again and noticed I was switching the way I was talking to the patients I was intaking again especially because one came irritated so I had to make sure she felt more comfortable and kept calm so there wasn’t a scene. 

09/16/2023- I went to Walmart with my boyfriend and his family. I noticed myself speaking differently with his siblings and his parents, with his siblings we can talk about things normally whereas with his parents we need to be more mindful of the stuff we say in order to be respectful. I also noticed myself speaking to the workers in a more professional way than with the people I know. 

09/17/2023- I stayed home and heard myself switching from English with my brother to Russian with my mom because I grew up speaking in Russian to my mom and it feels weird to speak with her in English unless it’s a few words I struggle remember in the moment in Russian. 

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