Argumentation, Memorial Memory

A memorial that I visited that had value to me was the pop smoke memorial. Pop Smoke was a influential Brooklyn rapper who put the genre “drill” on the map. His evolutionary music became a vital part of New York City culture. If you lived in NYC is was very unlikely you never heard of his classics “Dior” and “welcome to the party”. However, because of his gang affiliation and an unfortunate mistake where he leaked his address on social media. He was shot and killed while visiting California. His memorial is a painting of him in his childhood neighborhood Canarsie. This memorial is impactful for me because I grew up on his music. The memorial helps me remember the good times he gave me and the fun I used to have enjoying his music.

One thought on “Argumentation, Memorial Memory

  1. I was devastated when Pop Smoke got killed because his career was very promising and he had a lot of potential. I still listen to his music in the car and it always puts me in a good mood.

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