Memorial Proposal

Mother Nature, a metaphorical manifestation of the Earth’s caring and life-sustaining energies, crosses cultural and religious borders to represent the natural world’s oneness. Mother Nature, sometimes idealized as a nurturing woman, embodies the essence of the environment’s ability to supply, regenerate, and preserve harmony. She illustrates the life cycles metaphorically, emphasizing birth, growth, decay, and regeneration in the context of ecosystems. The notion emphasizes nature’s fragile balance and the interconnectedness of all living things. Mother Nature serves as a metaphor for the Earth’s natural resilience, capable of rising from challenges and adapting to change. Her significance is in instilling in people a feeling of duty and environmental care. Historically, societal biases, gender roles, and the undervaluing of women’s contributions have led to the underrepresentation of female monuments. With our budget, we want Madison Square Park to break that ongoing gender issue and construct a statue of Mother Nature to represent the powerful woman that she is. Our audience can be everyone, especially women. A lot of women look down on themselves in comparison to men who push their superiority on society. Female monuments empower women by providing positive role models, fostering a sense of pride, and challenging traditional narratives that often marginalize women’s contributions. The statue illustrates a beautiful woman standing within a wishing pond allowing people to be intrigued by her wood-carved structure and understand the importance of her in terms of nature. From her colors to the clear pond, to the lights shining on her, Mother Nature, the center of our world can be seen as she stands proudly at the center of Madison Square Park.

This structure of Mother Nature would be an addition to the park that people would view as art and can interact with. Currently in the park there are many statues, however all of them resemble one another, and prove no effort to stand out. Most of the current monuments are identities that many passersby and residents do not recognize or have ever heard of. While Mother Nature is not an existing dimensional being and is more of a symbol, people around the globe know the term Mother Nature. It is recognized that Mother Nature is a representation of Earth and is the nurturer to the various lives it harbors. At this time there have been many studies and warnings of global warming and the drastic effects we have felt and those we have still yet to know. Putting this statue in the middle of a park, one that is filled with actions of what it means to be human; observing, laughing, walking, eating, love, gratitude and life in general, can serve as a reminder to people of just how much beauty there is to cherish and protect. Mother Nature would be a prompt to remember the environments outside of a concrete New York City park. Blue lagoons, rainforest birds, waves of green mountains and other squirrel filled parks. While there is a limited impact to what people outside of big corporations can do, it is best to not lose heart in the aid that our small actions can provide. Mother Earth Project showcases a similar idea, however at a glance the curious sculptures do not appear to be what one envisions at the thought of Mother Nature. Many people may pass by the sculpture and interpret it to be a form of abstract art instead. The ethereal reflection of our Mother Nature will leave people with the reminder of what our hope has, and can save.

Madison Square Park presents a diverse array of statues and memorials, each portraying their own historical significance. An area originally created to instill peace and gratitude, unfortunately now loses its value. The existing memorials, which were once treasured, are slowly being forgotten and underappreciated. The main issue being a lack of importance and engagement surrounding the structures in the park. Introducing a memorial dedicated to Mother Nature would renew the parks atmosphere, leaving a positive impact. The proposed memorial would replace the Madison Square Fountain, strategically positioned in the center of the park to ensure a steady flow of visitors passing by. In our vision, Mother Nature would be standing between a wishing fountain, inviting people to toss their coins as they proclaim their wishes. The fountain would have crystal clear water with flowers adorning the surface. As the sun sets vibrant lights would illuminate the statue from beneath the water. Crafted from tree roots and bark, Mother Nature’s figure would be shaped by the intertwining branches. Her hair would be accessorized by various colorful flowers and butterflies, adding a lively touch to the statue. What sets this memorial apart from the rest is not only the figure being commemorated, but also the captivating colors projected onto the statue. Most memorials are made in dedication to “admirable” men or notable figures from the past, often failing to leave a lasting impression on its viewers. Mother Nature, a women known for creating the world around us, stands out as an eminent individual deserving of recognition. Observers would pause to admire the colors incorporated into the piece, contrasting to regular statues. The accompanying wishing well would design a hopeful environment, further enhancing the overall experience for the public.

As we envision the addition of this monumental statue to Mother Nature in Madison Square Park, we are commiting to respect the nature around us and to empower women. Being placed in the middle of this busting park, Mother Nature’s intertwined branches will capture attention and shift our collective consciousness. With the memorial, rooted in intertwined branches and adorned with vibrant colors, it calls on all of us to pause, reflect, and connect with the natural world. Instead of always thinking about our own future, we will give our environment a thought. Mother Nature’s statue will serve as a reminder of our responsibility to protect the environment, while climate change occurs globally. It is an urgency telling us that the actions we take now will become a legacy for our future generation. If we add every little action made by every individual we will see a better nation and world. The statue will surely allow us to acknowledge the value of the life forms around us and the significance of our environment for our existence, leaving the best example for our generations to come.

By: Marla Cortes, Annie Chen, Riya Karim, Marina Toro

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  1. I like how it is both a wishing fountain and a statue. I think that would made the memorial very effective. I also like how the statue would be made of components from nature.

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