Memorial Memory

When I visited Ecuador in April of 2023, I visited the ” Jefferson Perez ” memorial in Quito. Perez was a racewalker who was born on July 1, 1974. Jefferson Perez managed to win the gold medal in the 20-kilometer racewalk at the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta. This achievement was historic because he became the first Ecuadorian athlete to win an Olympic gold medal. His success greatly impacted the new generation of athletes in Ecuador. He proved to the country and the world that anything is possible despite not having the same financial resources as your competitors. Perez used to race with the same old shoes and had very humble beginnings. The fact that he was born and raised in the same city my parents are from resonated with me. The fact that he has a statute in Quito( the capital of Ecuador) made me understand the magnitude of relevance and influence Perez has in Ecuador. He is one of my role models because he achieved a huge goal despite huge obstacles. My father always proudly says that the only person to win an Olympic gold medal is from Cuenca. As Ecuadorians would say ” si se puede “.

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