Final Reflections

Throughout this semester, my writing has developed in unexpected ways. At the beginning of the semester, I had set several goals for my writing, and I am pleased to say that most of them have been met. One unexpected development in my writing is the improvement in my sentence structure. I used to struggle with run-on sentences and comma splices, but through practice and feedback from my peers and professor, I have learned to construct more concise and coherent sentences. This has made my writing more readable and impactful.

I did not anticipate how much research would play a role in developing my writing skills. Initially, I was hesitant about conducting extensive research for essays as it seemed time-consuming. However, as I delved deeper into topics that interested me, the research process became enjoyable and rewarding. It helped me develop a deeper understanding of the subject matter which translated into stronger arguments in my essays. As for the goals I set at the beginning of the semester, most of them have been met. One goal was to improve my ability to analyze literary texts critically. By closely examining various works throughout the semester and participating actively in class discussions, I have gained confidence in analyzing themes, symbols, and character development within literature.

When i was writing about my culture and code switching, i was proud of that text i wrote because it was fun expressing my culture to others and how i code switch. Writing about code-switching had a profound impact on me. As someone who has experienced the complexities of code-switching firsthand, I have found that writing about this topic allows me to explore my own identity and reflect on the various ways in which language shapes our lives. I felt that all of the piece writing was similar to me and nothing was too hard.