Final Relections

As I reflect on the culmination of my journey through this writing class, I am struck by the significant strides I’ve made since the beginning of the semester. Initially, I approached the course with a mixture of apprehension and eagerness, uncertain about my ability to convey thoughts effectively on paper. However, as the weeks unfolded, I found myself embracing the challenges and immersing myself in the writing process.

I was mostly proud of my first paper since I felt I put more effort into it. Since it was one of the most notable improvement in my ability to craft a compelling narrative. At the start, my writing lacked a cohesive flow, and my ideas seemed scattered. Through dedicated practice and the constructive feedback provided by my peers and Proffessor Perry, I learned to structure my thoughts more coherently. The art of transitioning seamlessly between paragraphs became a skill I now wield with confidence, enhancing the overall readability of my work.

Even though I had taken a first year writing class in high school this class truly let me expand my ideas in way that I don’t think senior year me would have so all I have to say is thank you.