7 Day Blog

Day 1: I created my Wikipedia account and looked at many biographies to get an idea of what it should be like.

Day 2: I started exploring Wikipedia more and read a little bit through the Talk page. I noticed that in the Talk Page editors discussed improvements of the articles and suggested changes or raised concerns.

Day 3:  I did the Wikipedia adventure and learned how to navigate through the website.

Day 4: Today I went through the red list and chose Helen Plummer. Plummer, who was a geologist in the early 20th century. It will generally be hard to find information on women in the red list.

Day 5: I started doing research about Plummer and it has been challenging but I did find information about her, she was a geologist also married to a geologist in the early 20th century.

Day 6: I continued researching Plummer, and is surprising how she do not have a Wikipedia page, when she has done great things in society. Besides being a geologist herself she helped her husband Frederick publish his writings and findings.

Day 7: Today, I started looking into the broader topic of gender bias on Wikipedia and the lack of representation of women’s biographies. I research critical race theory and feminist theory.

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