Proposal Project 3

For our Project 3 proposal, my partner and I have chosen to creatively remix our analysis of the Black Panther Party (BPP) and Black Lives Matter (BLM) movements. We are considering either a podcast or visual imagery medium to reimagine our previous work. Our focus will be on examining the impact of media portrayal on both the BPP and BLM, highlighting how media has influenced public perception and the trajectory of these movements.

Finding new material for our chosen medium will involve researching media portrayals, historical footage, interviews, and expert opinions to provide a deep understanding of the media’s impact on the BPP and BLM. We expect challenges in structuring the content for a different medium while ensuring our message remains clear. To overcome these challenges, we plan to collaborate closely, conduct good research, and incorporate feedback to fix our project. Our decision to choose this medium and topic stems from our desire to engage with our audience in a more interactive and evocative manner, allowing us to explore complex themes and perspectives in a visually or audibly stimulating format.

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