Fifth Milestone

There are plenty of software available for architecture drawing. Some of these are Autodesk’s popular ones like AutoCAD and Revit. Also there is a very good software according to architects’ recommendations which is called Rhino. There is also “Chief Architect” software for architecture drawing, and “Home Design” software for interior design from the Chief Architect company. There is a much user friendly free open software called ArchiCAD which is used always as a substitute to the other products. However, it does not include all the features other software have. Also SketchUp can be used for architecture drawing and modeling. SketchUp is not popular for professional use, because other software like AutoCAD include advanced architecture and geometry tools and features.

Based on popular architecture forums and reviews, the best software and the most popular ones used are AutoCAD, Revit, and Rhino.

Autodesk is more student friendly than Adobe for example. This is because Autodesk offers all of their products free to students. You just need to send your education proof of being a student. An example of this could be your transcript document or a valid school ID. Then afterwards, you can easily download the software from the website and start using it. Not just that, but also Autodesk offers an open community for students to share their work and thoughts about architecture models.

I downloaded AutoCAD and Revit from their website. However, I found it really challenging to use AutoCAD. AutoCAD is a drawing software that helps you as an architect to establish your model guidelines and basic flat drawing. Moreover, it is highly suggested to use a computer that has a good video card that it is not already built in the computer like intel. But rather have a computer that has a high video card due to the program’s high technology. A computer that is good for this kind of software could be Dell Alienware or ASUS Republic of Gamers.

As a result I chose to stick to SketchUp for now because of time and knowledge. But later I am intending to use AutoCAD community support and tutorials, and start learning how to draw in AutoCAD and Revit.

One of the best tools also I found useful for learning architecture is MIT Open Course. There are some architecture classes open for public offered by MIT. I can sit down and read their lecture notes and start to teach myself architecture. However, it might need some patience in order to grasp the material from scratch. But the good thing at the end, that it is possible.

Also there is a website called which includes millions of other open courses offered by reputable educational organizations such as Harvard University, Columbia University, and Yale.

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