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This is a sample post.

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Assignment 3


my game


Assignment 2

    Finders Keepers             

My item is called “finders keepers” and the item would help you find any item that you have it attached to. The reason I made this item is because my brother wears glasses amd he constantly looses his glasses. It is a never a week that he does not lose his glasses. An individual who regularly loses their eyeglasses, causing them bother, disappointment, and trouble in finding their glasses when required.The Finders keepers is an inventive item intended to assist individuals with not only effectively finding their lost eyeglasses but also wallets, keys, or any accessories that can be attached to it. It is innovative and easy to the understand elements to forestall the disappointment of looking for lost glasses. The finders keepers framework incorporates little, lightweight brilliant labels that can be be easy and simple to add to any item. Clients download the Finders keeper app , which interfaces with the brilliant labels through Bluetooth. The application is accessible for the two iOS and Android gadgets.
The versatile application permits clients to follow the constant area of their item. Clients can likewise set up assigned zones (e.g., home, office) where the application can recollect the latest area of the glasses. Clients can initiate voice orders (e.g., “Where are my glasses?”) through the app, and the finder keepers on the eyeglasses will produce a sound to assist clients with finding them.
The finder keeper also has a flash that can be turned on through the app that will flash on and off so you can find it. The battery would be solar powered so it would be rechargable.The Finders keepers offers a viable answer for the issue of regularly lost items. It use brilliant innovation and an easy to understand application to help people rapidly and effectively find their glasses, saving time and diminishing the pressure related with losing items.