New York City Reacts To Trump Executive Order On Religious Liberty

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A question for everyone

Hi Team!

I’m looking for folks to interview for my final video project. Maybe you can help?

Based on demographic data, the top religious groups in New York are:
74% Christian (Catholic, Protestant, etc)
17% Non-religious
10% Jewish
3% Muslim

I’m looking for an example in each category so I can ask them one of these four questions:

  • How does your Christian organization include non-religious folks, Jews, and Muslims in your events and services?
  • How does your non-religious organization include Christians, Jews, and Muslims in your events and services?
  • How does your Jewish organization include Christians, non-religious folks, and Muslims in your events and services?
  • How does your Muslim organization include Christians, non-religious folks, and Jews in your events and services?

If anybody knows any organizations I could approach that would be happy to be interviewed about any of these questions, please lemme know!


Project #2 Proposal by Adam

I’d like to focus my project on how secular and religious community centers and institutions incorporate each other into their programs/ceremonies/activities/outreach/etc.

For example:

How do Christian churches incorporate Muslims, the secular, and Hindus?
How do Islamic centers incorporate Christians, the secular, and Hindus?
How do secular community centers incorporate Christians, Muslims, and Hindus?
How do Hindu temples incorporate Christians, Muslims, and the secular?

That’s basically the crux of what I’d be asking authorities from each respective institution. I imagine I’d just interview one person from each of the four institutions to serve as a voice for that perspective.

I’d like to combine this video with a project from my Religion course at Hunter (Honors Seminar w/ B. Sproul). That project is a 35-page research paper on a related topic that looks at a researcher’s (Jonathan Fox) system which attempts to quantify religious tolerance across the globe. Then I ask the question, ‘what insights are already in practice in these tolerant places that can be put into practice in institutions like [those mentioned above]?’

The JRN portion of this project would be a less academic piece that would help connect the research with a more intimate and applied view of the issue, and it would allow the subjects to speak for themselves w/o narration.


backup idea:  Thoughts on Trump from a German Jew who survived Hitler (my 98 year old Great Aunt). Not sure if she’d cooperate; wanted to get approval before bringing it up to her.

Visual Poem Pitch (Adam & Seth)

The basic theme is: peace turns to chaos, then back to peace.

The video will be shot from the West end of 34th Street, to the East end of 34th Street.

The audio should flow from start to finish without much cutting between tracks, so here’s the plan for shooting:

5 scenes:

  1. The peaceful Highline
  2. The bustle in & around B&H
  3. The chaos at Herald Square
  4. The bustle in & around NYU/Bellevue Hospital
  5. The peaceful East River Ferry

Each scene will be shot with the camera and shotgun mic (for backup audio). The other person will simultaneously record the audio with a zoom mic (this will give us smoother audio transitions between the shots in each scene)

Each scene will be about 40 seconds consisting of three, 10-second shots (w/ 5 seconds between each shot for repositioning the camera). B-roll will be laid over the transitions in post, but it’ll give us uninterrupted audio between the main shots.

We’ll also aim to get about 10 shots extra shots at each locations for b-roll. Some with additional audio (like the sound of the waves in the first and last scenes).

If we’re organized hopefully we can get the shoot done in a couple of hours.