Monday, April 1

Announcements/Upcoming Dates

Guest Speaker

On Wednesday this week (April 3), we will be joined by guest speaker Ed Ou, an award-winning photojournalist and documentary filmmaker. We watched part of one of his documentary films recently, about fatherhood at the intersection of George Floyd Square. For homework for next class, please watch this film as well (it’s one of the shorter ones) and come prepared to ask Ed some questions.

Breaking News Assignment

Monday next week, April 8, we don’t have class as normal because it’s the day you’ll be shooting your breaking news assignments about the eclipse. Also by next class, please write a short paragraph (even a few lines) letting me know what your plan is for covering it. We won’t have a pitch workshop for this, but make sure you have an idea of where you’re going to go, who you’re going to interview, etc. Are you going to an event? A watch party? A great viewing location? What angle do you have in mind?

Remember that your video file and dopesheet should be submitted to me by midnight that same day. I recommend using WeTransfer for this.

In addition to the material you film with the school cameras, you will cover the story on social media. I’ve set up an Instagram account for our class where you will post at least one photo to the grid and three Stories updates before you leave the scene. Please save them and submit them to me along with your other materials so I know which posts belong to which person. Password: studioh160

What makes a good (or fun) journalistic Instagram post and an informative series of Story updates?

Rough Cut

The rough cut of your 5-7 minute doc will be due Monday, April 15 so that you can get feedback before we break for spring recess.

Audio/Interview Practice Exercises

We’ll take some time today to look at your practice assignments with the microphones and make sure everyone is comfortable using them, not running into any issues, etc.

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