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Retrace Outward

While I was finishing up my Layers Project,┬áthere were a few things that I noticed within my classmates that I didn’t necessarily see within my own writing. The first thing that I noticed was that my classmates tended to write much longer sentences than me when emphasizing an idea. In my writing, I liked to write shorter sentences. This is because I feel as if I’m able to get my point across with fewer words. Sometimes, less words can mean much more. However, I do feel like this may be an issue that I should improve on in the future. Writing fewer words about a certain situation can sometimes cause me to forget about what I wrote about when I review my paper afterward.

Within my community, I feel as if I’m an OK writer, and I have some stuff to improve on. Specifically, on this project, I felt as if I was constantly losing my train of thought and I didn’t have enough content to write about. Obviously, the topic that I chose is one that can be talked about for hours and hours, but because I chose a specific timeline, it was a little more difficult to write about. I had to relate all of my sources and ideas into the same main idea, and it took a bit of thinking. At the start of this project, I was less educated about my topic than I was at the end. Even after I had my sources from the Librarian, I did additional research on my own in order to write a better paper. Even while I was in the middle of writing my paper, I’d occasionally find a new source and use the information. This gives me the idea that there’s always more to learn even if you feel like you know everything.