Applying to Clinical Psychology Programs & More Personal Statement Tips

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I noticed that several people have already posted helpful sites and articles about how to approach writing the personal statement. However, I found some additional sites that I think also offer great insight into writing a strong, compelling, and personal piece:

1. For more general advice about how to structure the personal statement, see: Writing in Psychology

2. This article highlights how to approach the statement with a clinical psychology program in mind; It is called Applying to Doctoral Programs in Clinical Psychology: Writing an Effective Personal Statement. (I am worried that the article might be outdated, as it was written in 1999, but I do feel that a lot of the advice can still apply to applicants today!)

Also, there are a great number of us REU students who are interested in clinical psychology, particularly working with a child and/or adolescent population. I found this article (or manuscript!) written by a student at the University of North Carolina to be extremely insightful–The author discussed applying to a clinical psychology program, and focused on students who were interested in taking a year or two off to build their application before applying to graduate school. This is something many of us, myself included, are looking into, as well. I also liked that the author highlighted the specific types of experience and research he did to get into a clinical psych program!

The article is called “Before You Apply to Graduate Programs in Psychology: Knowing When You Are Ready and Gaining Post-Bac Experiences.”

I hope you guys find this helpful!


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Daphne is a junior at Baruch College and loves that Baruch allows her to read literature, write stories and poetry, and take classes with amazing faculty members. She has served as Managing Editor of Encounters Literary Arts Magazine and is currently Editor-In-Chief of the Bearcat Blogs. She works as a literacy tutor, a psychology research assistant, and a volunteer teaching assistant in a school for autistic children.

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  1. Thanks for sharing! The article was really helpful and reading the section “Do you want to wait” highlights all the reasons why I felt that I needed to take some time off before going to grad school.

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