St. Francis College Conference

I was reading through this week’s lab meeting minutes and saw that my lab discussed several upcoming conferences, including the EPA and APS. There was another conference discussed that will take place on October 27th in St. Francis College; the theme is ““Scientific Reflections: Psychology as a Mirror of Society and the Self”, and while the deadline to submit was in September, I think that it would be a great opportunity to attend, network, and connect with students and faculty (and it’s free!)

For more information, click this link:

As for lab life, I have recently met with Professor Engle-Friedman to discuss another project that I may be working on while the Sleep Deprivation IRB is in the process of being approved. I will be analyzing some data from our lab’s Sociability Study (the sociability assessments will also be integrated into the Sleep Deprivation Study so it is helpful to familiarize myself with the data.) I will begin looking at the data and hopefully find meaningful correlations and perhaps even explanations for the results!