On My Way

Ever since I was a child, I had dreams of making it big in life. That is why I believe coming to the States was such a large step in my life. In Korea, it is very hard to get into a college and even harder to find employment because of the job deficit. However, opportunities are just waiting to be grasped here in the States. Hence, in December 1999, my parents and I moved to Flushing, New York and have been living here ever since.

My mom and dad are very hard working. They haven’t taken a vacation since we got here. They work from morning to night, and seem to have no problems or complaints about the work they do. My parents work hard in order to provide the bet for my sister and me. I can say that they are the greatest inspirations of my life.

If I can wrap up my values and beliefs in one word, it would be perseverance. I will not give up on achieving success, for the sake of my parents.  And like I said, I’ve always wanted to make it big.

My expectation as a college student is to be crafted into an important contributor of society. I want to learn skills I will benefit from and use for the rest of my life, such as time management and becoming a better speaker. I hope to meet a lot of different people as well. My only concern for my first semester is my GPA. I hope to start college with a big bang, and am working hard to do so!

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