What it means to serve my community

Being a Baruch Scholar is truly a blessing. Where can I attend a college that will pay for my tuition and even give me my own Mac?  Well, Baruch is one of the few colleges that I know of that actually does this. Therefore, I believe that I have a role to play within the next four years in serving Baruch as well as the broader community.

With so many clubs and organizations, Baruch College has much to offer. I want to take advantage of all of these opportunities around me in Baruch in order to grow as an individual. However, I believe that life is not always about selfishness, but selflessness.

As a Baruch Scholar, there is nothing for me to do but to give back to the community that has allowed me to be financially relieved throughout the rest of my college experience. Like the donors who generously basically paid for my college tuition, I want to volunteer in helping the needy, whether they lack money, education, etc. Hence, the culture of service that requires Scholars to volunteer is critical. It gives Scholars the push they need to take a stance in helping the community.

I believe that community service is not just a requirement of the Honors Program, but it is a chance for us to experience the act of giving. It is a chance for us to build our character as Honors students. It is a chance for us to build our foundations as future leaders of our community.

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