Journal #2

My role as a Baruch Scholar is to be giving back what I have received from the college.  A full tuition scholarship is a privilege and I am very lucky to have gotten it.  I know many people from my high school in Pennsylvania who are paying tens of thousands of dollars each year for tuition whereas I am paying practically nothing.

Since I have been granted such a privilege, I have also been granted the responsibility that comes with this privilege.  There was assuredly a lot involved with my obtaining of this scholarship; to make somebody’s college tuition entirely free, many donors have been involved.

I feel it is very important to reimburse these donors’ grants through acts of charity to the New York society.  If I am financially stable I will, in addition to volunteering within the community, donate back to Baruch College.  I feel strongly about doing this because I know my money will be well-spent on kids like me who have an interest in education but don’t want to spend thousands of dollars.

The culture of service which requires Baruch students is somewhat unnecessary in my point of view; I think filing paperwork really takes away from the volunteer experience of helping people out.  On the other hand, I understand many people need the spark of the culture of service project to start them off on volunteering and giving back to the community.   I look forward to volunteering in the future, for this project, and for fulfilling my desire to help fellow Americans in my free time; this project is a step to take to know where the right place to volunteer is for me and, although I hate filling out paperwork, it will be a good introduction.

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