Executives in Singapore, home of the iconic Merlion (shown), can earn advanced degrees through the Zicklin School’s International Executive Programs. Why are the programs in Singapore so successful? “Students there value education very highly and place a premium on interactive, Western-style education,” says Dean Elliott. Currently, International Executive Programs are also offered in France, Israel, and Taiwan.

Some of Baruch College’s most prominent and successful graduates have never set foot in 17 Lex or the Newman Vertical Campus. That’s because they live in far-off places and study through Baruch’s International Executive Programs. For the last 10 years, the Zicklin School of Business has exported its business expertise in computer information systems, finance, human resources, and marketing, educating over 1,400 executives in China, France, Israel, Singapore, and Taiwan.

The International Executive Programs offer a win-win scenario. Not only are students abroad getting a world-class Baruch education, but Baruch faculty are getting world-class experience as well. “Our faculty needs to be global,” explains Zicklin Dean John Elliott. “By teaching in these locations, faculty deepen their understanding of international business practices, and this knowledge broadens their teaching in the U.S. and benefits all our students—all of which contributes to our being and becoming a better institution.”

—Diane Harrigan

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