It never occurred to Nia Brown (’12), a senior in Baruch College’s School of Public Affairs, that she would have the opportunity to visit China. Not as a student, probably not ever. But to her surprise, delight, and edification, Brown traveled there last summer as part of the CUNY–Brooklyn College Study Abroad Program in China. This four-week program, which is open to students throughout CUNY, combines course work with extensive cultural and historical exploration.

In addition to participating in the course Intercultural Communications, taught by Brooklyn College Professor Jason Thompson, Brown experienced the culture through firsthand observation and interaction with local people. She explored the city streets of Beijing, Xi’an, Nanjing, and Shanghai and visited such main attractions as the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, and Yellow Mountain.

Brown is no stranger to study-abroad enrichment. In January 2011, she studied in Ghana.

What has she learned from her study abroad? “Understanding and perspective. I’ve learned that there is something to take from every culture no matter how opposite it is from mine.” The world traveler adds, “This sort of experience encourages global understanding and reduces conflict.”

Who knows what wonderful turns Brown’s senior year holds? Upon graduation she wants to pursue a career in New York City government or an international nonprofit organization.

—Diane Harrigan

3 thoughts on “A Global Perspective: Senior Nia Brown

  1. Omg this woman had change my life. I thank god everyday for the biggest turn around she made in my life. I’m currently has all my goals working for me at the moment. Thank you if it wasn’t for you I won’t be at NYU WITH AN 3.8 AVG

  2. Nia, this is a really good look. I wish you the best with the non-profit organization. You never know tho, it could go world wide. keep it up !!!

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