Abraham-Briloff-classic-B&W-photog-R.A.-MetzgerOn Dec. 12, 2013, Baruch College said goodbye to one of its most noteworthy alumni and distinguished faculty members, accountancy legend Abraham J. Briloff (’37, MSEd ’41). He was 96 years old.

Often called “the conscience of the accountancy profession,” Briloff stood as a champion of the highest principles and ethics. His scholarship—prodigious and influential—included Effectiveness of Accounting Communication, Unaccountable Accounting, More Debits than Credits, The Truth About Corporate Accounting, and three decades of columns for Barron’s. Among a lifetime of accolades was his inclusion in 2012 in The Journal of Accountancy’s list of “125 People of Impact in Accounting.”

The Emanuel Saxe Distinguished Professor Emeritus was admired by decades of Baruchians, among them his star student, Charles Dreifus (’66, MBA ’73). Dreifus honored his friend and mentor in 1995 by establishing the annual Abraham J. Briloff Prizes in Ethics at Baruch. Speaking for all those who loved Abe, Dreifus said, “Witnessing your brilliance, your refinement, your compassion and scruples, your social and moral conscience, your absolute eloquence—this is what shaped so much of our [your students’] successes. . . . Rest assured that you will live on in our hearts and in the deeds we hope to accomplish in your honor.”

Solomon J. Lirtzman ’35
*Abraham J. Briloff (’37, MSEd ’41)
Freda R. Casner ’37
Jordan Hale ’37
Seymour L. Goldstein ’38
*Claire R. (Rosen) Mason ’40
Percival Wallman ’40
Frances K. (Keitel) Daniels ’41
Richard L. Gilbert ’42
Philip Hyman ’42
Hilton M. Soba ’43
Sidney Weintraub ’43
Victor Neiditz ’44
Daniel S. Roher ’46
*Martin H. Schneider ’46
*Bernard I. Klein ’47, MBA ’61
Herbert Sitver ’47
Henry Dachinger ’48
Jerome L. Fisch ’48
Harold Rosman ’48
Murray Weiss ’48
Frederick Ekstrom ’49
Peter F. Freund ’49
Elmer T. Lokkins ’49
Theodore Shulman ’49
Gordon S. Strenger ’49
Stanley I. Keller ’50
Albert G. Cizmarik ’51
Murray M. Rosenzweig ’51
Ruth Steinberg ’51
Stanley P. Tuchman ’51
Warren A. Blicht ’52
Domenic R. Parisi ’52
Paul J. Ash ’53
Seymour N. Berzofsky ’53
Robert Coleman ’55
Melvin S. Wolfman ’55
Joel B. Zweibel ’55
Richard H. Cowlan ’56
Irving N. Kleiner ’56
Marvin E. Hirschorn ’57
Lorraine (Langfan) Dell ’59
Robert E. Kramer ’59
Barbara H. Kosson ’60
Diana Piera Skaggs ’61
Leonard Fedorschak MPA ’62
Michael A. Graf ’62
Robert Wong ’62
David S. Klarman ’63
Alfred C. Lehman ’63
Bruno F. Reinberg ’63
Joseph Tuckman ’63
Jeffrey M. Steinig ’64, MBA ’68
George B. Brosan ’65
Roy E. Mayers ’66
Carl M. Pauzner ’66
Alvin A. Joshua ’69
William S. Karp MBA ’69
Stephen Nazar ’69
Eleanor J. (Schwartz) Butner ’70
Joseph F. Indinemao ’70
James J. Killerlane ’70
Arnold Shindelman ’71
Anthony V. Larocco ’72
Richard E. Bragg ’73
Mark V. Posner ’73, MBA ’77
Joseph Ruivo ’74
Walter E. Kreher ’75
Sylvanie R. Phills ’75
Thomas C. Troiani ’76
Joseph Vaccaro ’76
Nicholos Diamantis ’79
Mary Pengrin-Sal ’85
Fredric J. Shenn MS ’87
Melanie Richards ’90
Randal E. Blank ’93
Sachin Kanwar ’00
Daniel Belmonte MS ’13

*Benchmark Society member

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