Together for seven decades, Baruch couple David Ribet (’44) and Pearl (Gnesin) Ribet (’46) as they appeared in their respective editions of the Lexicon, Baruch’s yearbook.

[dropcap sid=”dropcap-1414083282″]D[/dropcap]avid Ribet (’44) remembers his first encounter with future wife Pearl Gnesin (’46): “It was 1943. I spotted this cute student—and said so to my friend. But it took another year for me to approach her. Step by step, desk by desk, I finally occupied the seat next to hers in our business administration class.”

At the time, David did file work for the Business Administration Department and had his own small office—an ideal place, as romance blossomed, “for having lunch with my girl . . . and even getting a kiss,” he recalls fondly.

The “cute student” (who became something of a celebrity around campus when she was named Miss City College and had her picture published in the New York Post) and the aspiring CPA became engaged in 1945 and married in 1946.

David recently retired from the CPA firm he founded, Ribet & Gordon LLP, and Pearl retired several years ago from the Brooklyn College library.

The key to nearly 70 years of happily-ever-after: “We both are easygoing and recognize what is important in life,” says David. Counted first among their blessings are their children: Ken, a mathematician and professor at the University of California at Berkeley, and Claudia, a prominent family attorney in Santa Monica. Adds David, “They have always given us joy. So what more could we want?”

—Diane Harrigan

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