On Mar. 9, 2015, Baruch College lost one of its most generous and tireless advocates, Bernard Richards (’49). He was 87 years old. Richards—Bernie, as his friends called him—began his career as an entry-level accountant and rose to become chairman and CEO of Slattery Associates, which helped build some of New York’s most iconic structures.

Throughout his career, Richards was committed to his alma mater. He served on the nascent Baruch College Fund (BCF) Board, first in 1974 and then twice as its president. The College honored him as a Wood Fellow in 1978, a Trustee Emeritus in 2002, and twice as Outstanding Alumnus of the Year.

Richards met his wife of 66 years, Arlene Kaye (’50), at Baruch. Together, they endowed scholarships and lecture series, among other initiatives, and in 2009 were recognized with the Annie and Bernard Baruch Couples Award.

Richards held a special place among his fellow alumni and BCF Trustees. Charles Dreifus (’67, MBA ’73) called him “a man of deep integrity and kindness . . . committed to sustaining Baruch’s legacy.” Arthur Ainsberg (’68, MBA ’72) remembered him as “carrying himself with an easy grace, a truly beloved figure when he walked the corridors of Baruch.” Dov Schlein (’70, MBA ’75) added, “Bernie and his wife, Arlene, generously gave of their time and money, raising funds and endowing many scholarships when the BCF was in its infancy and money was scarce. We owe them a debt of gratitude.” We do indeed.

Read expanded testimonials to Mr. Richards from his alumni friends.

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L.J. Levitan ’39

Bernard Goldberg ’40

John A. McAuley ’40

Arthur H. Schlumpf ’40

Charles Bianco ’42

Milton Meringoff ’42

Robert M. Schuster ’42

Ellis Bell ’43

Arnold J. Isken ’43

Edwin B. Kanner ’43

Leonard Korman ’43

*Anastasia (Pettas) Solomita ’44

Phyllis (Marcus) Yohai ’45

Harold H. Finger ’46

Edwin Kliegman ’46

Seymour Trager ’46

*Julius C. Weber ’46

Mortimer Spiller ’47

Robert E. Sussman ’47

Irving L. Bernstein ’48

*Marvin Freedman ’48

Charlotte (Wyle) Gerson ’48

Lester E. Goldstein ’48

Arthur Klein ’48

Sydney Meckler ’48

Irwin Polivy ’48

Anthony Scavone ’48

*Aaron Schechter ’48, MA ’52

David Seltzer ’48

*Marvin Antonowsky ’49, MBA ’52

Morton A. Baruch ’49

Melvin Sussman ’49

Irving Yellin ’49

Melvin Garner ’50

Joseph H. Greenberg ’50

Herman Badillo ’51

Eli Glassman ’51

Steven F. Holden ’51

Conrad A. Kloh ’51

Fred H. Needhammer ’51

Salvatore Schimmenti ’51

John Seaman ’51

Gerald I. Ganz ’52

Harvey J. (Golickman) Gordon ’52

Myron H. Habib ’52

Charles J. Maresca ’52

Arthur Schick ’52

*Herbert L. Sedler ’52

*Saul Waring ’52

Angelo V. Dispenzieri ’53

Gonzalo B. Gonzalez ’53

Merrill Grant ’53

Leon H. Sokoloff ’53

Jerome Hubschman ’54

Rafael Richetti ’54

Esther R. Haberman ’56

Sheldon F. Shaktman ’56

Jerome Greenberg ’57

Joel B. Roses ’57, MBA ’63

James J. Street ’57, ’76

Gerald L. Tartak ’57

Richard M. Arrucci ’58

Harvey B. Brown ’58

Gerald E. Field ’58

Carrie (Sulzbacher) Katz ’58

Matthew Byrne ’59

Michael J. Tribush ’59

Bernard E. Werblow ’59

Denis J. Collins ’60

Neil C. Reshen ’60

Robert D. Short ’60

Joan M. Bentley Smith ’60

Stephen Starr ’60

Robert Rauchwerger ’62

Robert J. Solodow ’62

Martin E. Tash ’62

John Purtill ’63

Carl Ravens ’63, MPA ’68

Tibor Taraba ‘63, MBA ’66

Raymond I. Amiel ’64, MBA ’72

Albin A. Herman ’65

Robert C. Appel ’70

Robert P. Buczkowski ’70

Timothy J. Dowd MPA ’71

Donald F. Dennis ’72

Gennaro J. Petillo ’72

Lawrence A. Sieden ’73

Charles T. Theofan MPA ’75

Howard I. Wichter ’75

Robert H. Ford ’76

Melvin J. Mangiapia ’76

Robert A. Pallais ’76

Chun L. Tong ’76

Mark L. Adler ’79

Deborah (Zand) Blumenthal ’81

Ben J. Lee ’81

Walter Bihun ’82

Glenn D. Markman ’84

Esther G. Altabet ’87

Julian Aronowitz ’89

Valerie P. Walter MBA ’90

Malcolm J. Graham MPA ’91

Jeanne E. Sell MS ’98

Mark D. Loigman MBA ’04

Peter J. Libman SAS ’07

Joseph N. Skeete MPA ’10

Jessica F. Ritter ’11

Kimah J. Williams ’12

*Benchmark Society member



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