The undefeated intercollegiate wrestling champion lives forever as the dominant competitor in this detail of a Shredded Wheat advertisement from the 1930s.

[dropcap sid=”dropcap-1432672918″]H[/dropcap]ow many people can claim to have had their likeness used nationally to promote a brand or product? Joseph Warren (’35) can. The undergraduate accounting major is shown (above) overpowering his wrestling opponent in this full-page Shredded Wheat advertisement that ran in the December 1935 issue of Scholastic Coach magazine.

The full advertisement

From 1932 to 1935, Warren was the undefeated champion of the College’s once-thriving intercollegiate varsity wrestling squad and was the first City College mat man sent to the national collegiate championships. In his senior year, he was chosen as team captain; after graduating, he returned to 17 Lex for a stint as coach. Warren later earned a law degree and formed the CPA firm Joseph Warren & Company.

Today Warren, who celebrated his 100th birthday in October 2014, likes taking walks, exercising, and handling some legal affairs for a few long-term clients (he officially “retired” 25 years ago). As for dislikes: though he’s a fan of raisin bran, he doesn’t eat Shredded Wheat.

—Diane Harrigan

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