Professor Mordechai L. Friedman passed away September 17, 2019, after a short illness. He taught until his death at age 81, and had started the fall semester this year. Mordechai taught for 60 years, beginning his career in the New York City high schools at age 20. He had two masters degrees (1961 MA and 1966 MS) and then received his Doctorate in Mathematics Education in 1972. Mordechai began teaching at Baruch in 1974, first teaching Mathematics Education in the former School of Education, and then mathematics in the Mathematics Department. The Education Department turned to him to develop and teach a course in parenting. It became the most popular course in the school, attracting students from the other schools as well. He taught about 200 students each semester about the science of child rearing. Mordechai’s area of interest in Mathematics Education was in the quality and technique of teaching mathematics; he assessed how different techniques impacted students’ achievement. He studied the Baruch’s Math professors’ technique before and after an intervention, examining the differences in outcome; these results were then published. Mordechai was married for 53 years to Ellen, a physician. They have three sons who have all been parented well.

If any alumni would like to share memories of Professor Friedman, please email Baruch’s Mathematics Chair, Dr. Warren B. Gordon.

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