From Underdog to Topdog

A self-proclaimed “underdog founder,” Edrizio De La Cruz (’06) began his entrepreneurial career selling guavas on the street to support his family in his hometown of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. When he immigrated to the Bronx, he continued to help support his family, working full time as an aircraft mechanic at JFK Airport for six … Continue reading From Underdog to Topdog

The World is Their Campus

EXPANDING STUDENTS’ HORIZONS THROUGH STUDY ABROAD by Sally Fay How best to deliver a meaningful educational experience is always top of mind for Baruch College’s leadership, administrators, and faculty, whose dedication makes the Baruch campus a place of opportunity and exploration. But a wealth of opportunity also exists outside the College’s geographic boundaries. Helping Baruch … Continue reading The World is Their Campus

Mammal Mysteries in the Heart of NYC

Baruch Professor Curates New, Permanent Exhibit at Museum of Natural History In an exciting development for the everchanging field of evolutionary biology, Assistant Professor Zachary Calamari, PhD, of Baruch College’s Department of Natural Sciences unveiled a captivating exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City. Titled Mammals with Headgear, the exhibit … Continue reading Mammal Mysteries in the Heart of NYC

An Iconic Championship Run

Donald Brennan (MBA ’66) and his daughter, Maureen, enjoy a dominant season in polo. Polo is a unique and demanding equestrian sport. And even though it is co-ed—with no rules barring women from competing against men—it’s been male-dominated throughout its history. But Maureen Brennan is helping to change that. She’s both the owner of, and … Continue reading An Iconic Championship Run

Art of Transformation: Elizabeth Sutton (’11)

Among the vibrant works of art produced by Elizabeth Sutton (’11) is a painting of a vintage, big-finned Pontiac convertible cruising the boldly colored byways of Cuba. Its title: “Driving to New Destinations.” In a sense, you might even say that’s the theme of Sutton’s life. Her unexpected career transition to an artist led to … Continue reading Art of Transformation: Elizabeth Sutton (’11)