This archive page features select recorded events hosted by the Black Studies Colloquium.

Guest Scholar Professor Evelyn Simien Department of Political Science, (University of Connecticut) discusses her recent publication “Historic Firsts in U.S. Elections: Trailblazing Candidates in Gubernatorial, Congressional, and Mayoral Campaigns.” (December 2, 2021)

In this Baruch Black Studies Colloquium event, Professor Simien draws connections between this compelling anthology and her previous work on the symbolic political empowerment in the context of America’s evolving political consciousness and activity as well as challenges and shifts in political science. This presentation is followed by a lively discussion among faculty and students moderated by Professor Angie Beeman in the Marxe School of Public and International Relations at Baruch College.

 Professor Tshombe Miles (Black and Latino Studies Department, Weissman) Faculty Presentation: “The Fight Against Racial Capitalism: From Maroon Communities to the Haitian Revolution” (November 3, 2021)

This video recording features the work of Professor Tshombe Miles in the Black and Latino Studies Department at Baruch College on the Black Radical Tradition using examples from maroon communities to the Haitian Revolution. The talk focuses on the question of how these communities created spaces of economic development in the face of racial capitalism despite the explicit intent to destroy those communities. At approximately 49 mins into the presentation segues to a discussion moderated by Professor Rojo Robles in the Black and Latino Studies Department at Baruch College. Join us again for a follow-up event in February 2022, a screening of a documentary about maroon communities followed by a panel discussion with Professors Tshombe Miles, Rojo Robles, and Erica Richardson March 1 6:00pm )

Professor Zachariah Mampilly (Marxe School of Public and International Relations) Faculty Presentation: “Decolonizing The United States Lessons from Africa” (April 20, 2021)

Learn more about Zachariah Mamiplly’s work in the Program on African Social Research (PASR):

The Program on African Social Research (PASR) was founded to center African knowledge production within social science research globally. We do this by creating opportunities for junior scholars based in Africa. By providing access to international networks, we work to help junior scholars improve their research and create opportunities for mentoring and meaningful collaborative possibilities.

Presentation by Guest Scholar Dr. Juliet Hooker (Brown University): “Black and Indigenous Resistance to Racist Backlash Across the Americas” (March 11, 2021)

Link for description and purchase of full edited volume of Black and Indigenous Resistance in the Americas: From Multiculturalism to Racist Backlash (2020)