Monthly Archives: December 2014

Current Event in NYC

What’s happening in New York City?  Protests, arrests, and deaths.  People claim that they fear living their everyday lives and that they’re scared of the government officials, like police officers.  Now, I have police officers in my family, and I’m not trying to be biased here, but honestly police officers are the ones who keep those people who are complaining SAFE.  I understand that the deaths that occurred in Stated Island and Ferguson were  tragic events, but if you saw in the video, the man clearly resisted and put up a fight against the police officer (Staten Island).  Protesting is a peaceful way to voice your opinion and make a statement, but here’s my opinion:  Police Officers make the world, even New York City, a safer place to live.  They’re the ones that respond to crimes and they’re the ones risking their lives everyday for the safety of the communities.  I thank them for serving me everyday and no matter what, I’m grateful for the ones in my life and the others that are out there doing their jobs.