Ideas for Rhetorical Analysis Project

For my rhetorical analysis project, I have many ideas in mind; therefore, it is difficult to just pick one.

One possible topic that I can write about is ISIS.  This international issue has spread worldwide and the media has been on high alert in reporting all things going on. shares their views from the United State’s perspective and how ISIS will result to a long term of terrorism.  Meanwhile, shares their opinion on how the United States invaded the Muslim land first; therefore, ISIS is just reciprocating and fighting back to protect.

A second possible topic I can write about is Violence against women.  Women are constantly being degraded and disrespected, not only in the United States, but worldwide.  This international issue has grabbed my attention and is very interesting to me. shows readers that The Islamic State has an insanely high violence rate against women, and this act against humanity is barely getting an attention.  Also, not only shares the facts about domestic violence in Syria, but also adds the government’s perspecive on how they are taking action to try to prevent the rates from increasing and the number of women being sexually harmed to decrease.

2 thoughts on “Ideas for Rhetorical Analysis Project

  1. These are both very good ideas. I think writing about violence against women would be more practical because you can acquire more sources for your paper.

  2. I think that both your topics have relevance in todays world, and I’m sure there are opposing views on both of them. With the proper articles picked out I’m sure that your paper will come together.

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