Personal Statement

As a result of taking English 2100 (Writing 1), I have gained much knowledge about myself and my identity. This class has given me the tools to express my thoughts better and to communicate effectively. It has also helped me understand language’s power and how to use it to create meaningful stories. The class also allowed me to express myself openly and without fear. I am now more conscious of how I communicate and how my written words can be interpreted. 

 I look forward to continuing to refine my writing and communication skills in English 2150 ( Writing 2). In addition to developing my critical thinking skills through writing, I hope to improve my ability to organize my thoughts, structure my writing logically, and improve my grammar, spelling, punctuation, and overall writing mechanics. I am looking forward to the challenges of this class and am confident that I will continue to grow and learn. I look forward to the support and guidance of my professor and the other students in the class. 

When I have to write, though, I get anxious since I never know what to write about or where to start when given a certain topic. Ensuring the logical flow of my ideas and writing is another challenge.  Making sure my ideas are delivered logically and with appropriate flow. The last thing on my mind is whether I’ll meet or exceed the expectations of my readers. Another important source of concern when writing is ensuring sure the ideas are presented logically.