Essay #1 Abstract

My grandfather’s passing was my teachable moment. I hope my readers will understand how important it is to treasure the present and the people we care about. After losing him, I had to reassess my life and identity. After a defeat, we can assess our performance and identify our areas of improvement. It encourages us to reflect on our shortcomings, mistakes, and restrictions and to take steps to grow and progress in those areas.

 Losing someone can push you to make new resolutions and put in more effort to see them through. It may strengthen our resolve and encourage us to aim for greater outcomes in the future. We can learn the value of resilience and the capacity to pick ourselves up after failing by experiencing losses. It can demonstrate that failures are a normal part of life and that it’s crucial to press on, grow from our errors, and try again. 

Finally, it may cause us to reassess our identities and positions. It could lead us to reevaluate who we are and what our mission in life is. This process of reinvention can lead to personal growth and a stronger sense of identity. It can also provide an opportunity to reflect on our mistakes and make better decisions in the future.