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November 19, 2014, 3:47 pm
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Welcome to My Site!!

Populations that eat a lot of coconuts are among the healthiest people on Earth.

Who doesn’t want a beautiful body and an everlasting life?


Introducing to you the new level of services of coconut-oil-based products. Infused with cultural heritage and traditional processes, we produce an extraordinary cold-pressed, non-GMO, organic extra virgin coconut oil. It has becoming a staple in modern healthy diets.

Coconut oil is a “super food” that is extremely versatile and can be used in place of both butter and other vegetable oils. Coconut contains mostly lauric acid, a medium-chain fatty acid also found in human breast milk. It turns into a solid at cooler temperatures, and it becomes liquid when warmed.

Coconut oil

Knowing that it has 333 uses and 33 benefits, we take a step ahead and open a conventional brick-and-mortar store ( and let’s not forget, online sites). Offering various products and  services in a location namely cafe, hair saloon, and aromatherapy massage would give us competitive advantage within our geographical markets.

In this blog, I will layout my business plan, the highlight of our e-commerce site, and any other business opportunities in a given marketplace. Hopefully, after reviewing the upcoming plans, my partner and I may consider expanding our business further.

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