Mamadou Bah Doomsday The conqueror

Doomsday, our favorite fallen hero has risen from the depths of shame and uncertainty with fervent and unwavering conviction and belief in himself. In our initial encounter with Doomsday he was ridden with fear and shame of being unable to express his thoughts from the simplest to the most complex in front of an audience. He would be confidant the night before and would visualize triumph but the moment he rose from his seat and reached the front of the room his legs, would start to shake uncontrollably, his speech would be continuously interrupted by persistent stutters as well as “likes” and “uumms” and would fail to convey even half of what he intended to deliver.

But Now, as Doomsday has acquired indispensable skills that have helped combat his fear. He has learned of the importance of preparation, practice and and conviction. He has learned to embody these lessons and integrate them into all of his speeches and he now understands that so long as he strongly believes in his message and solely desires to convey it at the pinnacle of its clarity, therein lies his success. Through struggling and persevering he now has found public speaking not a frightening and fatal flaw of his but one of his most defining and enjoyable skills he certainly vows to change the world with. So goes the tale of how Doomsday the weak conquered his phobia and became Doomsday the conqueror.

I believe the two most important factors of public speaking are preparation including practice  and confidence. I believe if one truly immerses themselves in the preparation of their topic and adequately rehearses it  the first step is complete. I have found that the most important aspect of public speaking is confidence that your message is important and must be delivered with clarity and conviction. When one has a thorough grasp of both of these success in public speaking is not only guaranteed but inevitable. I hope to use my skill of public speaking in ever aspect of my not only my future career but my life as whole and I just want to say I am extremely glad and grateful I took this course.

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