Introduction to Looking at Art / Coming Together Online

Pre-class Reading: Orit Gat, “Could Reading Be Looking?”, in e-flux journal, no. 72, (April, 2016).  Introduction and Syllabus review Review assignment expectations Review of the collection & identifying works of interest Share what we’ve been doing online, culturally speaking, what works & what doesn’t. Why must museums change over time? What happens when they do… Read More Introduction to Looking at Art / Coming Together Online

Rethinking Traditional Curatorial and Art Making Approaches Online

Lecture: Exhibitions from A to Z 2. Breakout groups: Rhizome (Net Art institution with collection and commissions) MACBA Radio (sound art and cultures, museum radio station) Ubu web (pirated materials) Films for Isolation (queer BIPOC films to be watched at home) Artport (Whitney Museum’s adjacent Net Art gallery) A. Who is their audience? B. How… Read More Rethinking Traditional Curatorial and Art Making Approaches Online

Curating and Institutional Critique

***Copy of last week’s Powerpoint presentation*** Institutional Critique Lecture 2. Readings: Carolyn Lazard, Accessibility in the Arts: A Promise and a Practice, (New York: Recess, 2019).  Natalie Musteata, “The “I” of the Artist-Curator”, Academic Commons, The Graduate Center, City University of New York, 2018 Huey Copeland, “Out of the Well,” Fred Wilson: Black Like Me… Read More Curating and Institutional Critique

The Audio Guide

***Mid Term projects due!!!***   ***Institutional Critique Powerpoint*** 2. Andrea Fraser – Little Frank and his Carp, 2001 3. Breakout groups: Whitney Museum 99 Objects National Portrait Gallery (Presidential Portraits): Alevnita Kakhidze’s audio guide for Liverpool Biennial: Beyond the Uniform, Chemi Rosado-Seijo, 2020 A. Who is speaking here? B. Is… Read More The Audio Guide

Transparency: Permissions, Fees, Labor

***Checklist of works & assignees: Collection – Assignments 2. Readings: The Artist’s Reserved Rights Transfer And Sale Agreement (1971) Diana Kaur, “Seth Siegelaub´s manifesto: A discourse analysis of The Artist’s Reserved Rights Transfer and Sale Agreement” 2015 Cameron Rowland, 91020000, (New York: Artists Space, 2016) Exhibition handout. 3. ONLINE TOOLS W.A.G.E. fee calculator Looted Art  4. Additional reading… Read More Transparency: Permissions, Fees, Labor

The White Cube / The Black Screen

1. Readings : Brian O’Doherty, Inside the White Cube The Ideology of the Gallery Space, (Santa Monica and San Francisco: The Lapis Press, 1986) Pages 13-34 American Artist, “Black Gooey Universe”, in Unbag, (Winter 2018).  Gridthiya Gaweewong, “Cyclical Time: The Trap” in ArtPapers. Jan/Feb, 2013. Legacy Russell, Glitch Feminism (New York: Verso, 2020) pages TBD… Read More The White Cube / The Black Screen

Implementation Day

Work together to review ideas for the exhibition website design, discuss QR codes, WordPress and Soundcloud uploading processes, the overall narrative and the inclusion of specific works Finalize Curatorial statements Guest Speaker: Gridthiya Gaweewong, Artistic Director, Jim Thompson Art Center, Bangkok Extra reading: Colin Brooks, QR Codes: Alive and Well in the Museum? Online at… Read More Implementation Day