Abortion Research Thoughts

I find that there are a lot of articles which discuss abortion, which is very understandable since it is a very controversial topic and everyone has different opinions on it. But what I see the most is the new law which has been passed in Texas, regarding the heartbeat of the baby. The law which was recently passed states that the baby cannot be aborted after a heartbeat is detected, which is often before women know they are pregnant. This law is also not very specific at around how many weeks that would be, so it is subjective to doctors that perform the procedure. If the procedure is done, there is a very high opportunity that the doctor can be sued, as well as anyone else involved. This then makes it very difficult for women to have a safe abortion, therefore there is a very high chance the female will attempt to have an abortion with things which are available to her at home. In most of my research I have found that so many women die trying to perform an abortion at home, this is a very risky thing that should be performed by someone with medical knowledge rather than a “DIY.” My research has shown me how complex this topic is and how broad it can be. But I have also realized that there are many reasons , both scientific and social for which a woman should have abortions available in a safe environment.

Abortion Pre-Research

For this research project I want to place emphasis on the scientific and social perspective of abortion, rather than what is most common. That being the religious perspective which it holds. Often people say that for religious reasons those being that the mother will be going to “hell” for having an abortion. This arguments seems to disregard that there is a very high probability that the mother of said fetus is having an abortions for any other reason besides not wanting it which is the common argument in the religious perspective. They seem to disregard that the mother might have been sexually assaulted, has no resources to raise the fetus or they might have any medical reasons which make it nearly impossible that the mother will survive labor.  This argument is something which at times is disregarded, they seem to be more concerned about the well being of the fetus as it is in the womb rather than attempting to fix some of the sociological reasons why the mother might not feel as comfortable bringing a baby into the world. There are also claims that they can give the baby up for adoption after birth, but it is disregarded that often the children placed in the foster care system are abused and very neglected. The foster care system is over saturated and not a place where a child should grow up in, unless as a society we are willing to put more funds into it.

Thoughts on Objectivity

Objectivity is something which I personally believe to be very difficult to achieve, since many have so many opinions on very different issues. Issues which once affected us as a society, as well as issues which currently trouble us. So if I am being totally honest and transparent, Objectivity to me seems to be overrated. Why does someone need to be neutral on a topic, why is there such a  need to remain objective. I believe that in order to have an effect on something which is troublesome for our society, someone that has experienced it first hand has to be the someone that speaks out about it. They know the issues first hand. They know how so many others feel, they know of the injustices which they as well as others faced. Therefore, I believe it is practically impossible to be objective about issues, there should always be a story which shows the reality that is happening and what people are living through. And yes, many may arge that this can be done while remaining objective. But can it? Can you remain objective about something that is hurting someone, I personally believe that it is impossible. And many might disagree, but social rights are not something someone can be objective on. Since social rights are the issues that as a society we are trying to solve.

Foster Care

Often people assume that after having an unwanted child, one can give it up for adoption. Foster care is also an option for most of these parents. Often they abuse the child, and that child has to be raised through the foster care system as the parent isn’t fit to take care of the child. This often means that they will be living with strangers, these children are put in a great amount of danger by placing them in the care of a stranger. They are often abused sexually, physically and emotionally. These children do not have anyone that will be there for them, or that will take care of them. They do not have someone they can trust so it’s often that they abuse substances to feel better about their situation. This becomes a coping mechanism for them. This goes unnoticed since these children do not have a permanent home, and someone that often checks up on them and their health.

Thoughts on abortion

Abortion is something that each woman has to decide if it aligns with their moral views, and if they are apt to take care of a child. For this they have to consider their social conditions, as well as consider if they are mentally and emotionally ready to have a child. A child is a great responsibility and one should not have one unless they know the child will be taken care of both financially and emotionally. Having a child as well as taking care of it is something that takes a great about of mental as well as physical strength, and before a woman takes that step she has to ask herself if she is ready for that. This decision is one that no one else but her should make, in the end its her body that will create the child, and she will be the one raising it.